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Adventure vs. Life

Whenever I’ve made a big change in my life, I’ve always labeled it an adventure. To me, an adventure is the unknown. I don’t know what I am getting into or what will happen, but I will handle it as it comes. If nothing else, it will make for a good story and will serve as a learning opportunity. “It will be an adventure!” I say.

It wasn’t until recently I realised, using the term in this way is generational. I was talking with my mother-in-law during her visit and she commented on how often our generation and the one before us use the word adventure. She admired the positivity it brought to, what can sometimes be, a scary time. To her, these changes that happen throughout life were just that, life.

Ever since she mentioned it, I see it everywhere. Everyone is going on adventure of some sort, whether its having a baby, traveling someplace new, starting a new job, moving to a new city, or any combination of those things. I particularly notice it in myself. But to be honest, that is genuinely how I view life. All of life is a journey with adventures, good and bad, along the way. It’s my definition of the word.

The generational aspect really got me thinking. How interesting that our generation has chosen to view life differently. Rather than taking it as it comes, we are embracing it and attempting to see the positive in everything that happens. On one hand, I wonder if this stems from the influence of social media. We have trained ourselves to think this way in the constant battle to hide all negative aspects of our life from others. Is it beneficial to our attitudes and perspectives to hold on to such positivity? Or are we creating a false reality for ourselves?

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