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Weather in Edinburgh

One of my biggest fears when moving to Scotland was the weather. Everyone talks about the endless grey, rainy days and the effect it can have on your mental health. I was expecting the worst and fully prepared to sit in front of a SAD lamp if necessary.

Upon arrival, we had a week solid week of blue skies and sunny days. It was as if Edinburgh was happy we were there! The weather welcomed us with open arms. I embraced the good weather, but was still weary in anticipation of the dreariness. Time went on and there were cloudy days and some rainy days, but generally the weather was wonderful!

Beautiful, sunny day without a cloud in the sky!

Though sometimes fleeting, the sun beams down nearly every day. The temperatures don’t vary greatly, so what you wear in the morning generally keeps you comfortable the whole day. Clouds move very quickly over the island, meaning the weather is constantly changing. Weather predictions are moot. I can get a better sense of whether to bring an umbrella by looking outside than at an app.

There’s a misconception around the world that Edinburgh has terrible weather. Even the locals talk about how bad the weather can be. Whenever I meet someone new, they say, “The weather hasn’t scared you away, has it?” I’m always baffled by this, because, to me, the weather is amazing! Sure it’s not as warm as I would typically like, but I get way more sun than I did in Wisconsin! I think when people think of the United States, they think everywhere is as sunny and warm as California. They don’t understand that a lot of places have way worse weather than they do. Part of me thinks it’s all a ploy to keep people from moving and overpopulating the city. But every international person I talk to agrees, the weather is not nearly as bad as it’s perceived to be.

That being said, the weather can be a bit erratic! It definitely keeps things interesting! Today was the perfect example of that.

6:30am – Woke and looked at my weather app

        Outside: 43 degrees

        High: 49 degrees

        Precipitation: 10% chance

        Partly Cloudy

    Me: Yay, I can wear my trench coat today!

7:45am – Walk into work under cloudy skies

10:00am – Still cloudy

12:30pm – Pop out to pick up lunch and feel some small rain drops

    Me: Aw man! It said it wasn’t going to rain!

1:30pm – Arrive back into work with just a few drops of water on my glasses

3:00pm – Bright sunshine and blue skies

    Me: Yes! It will be a beautiful walk home after work.

5:00pm – Still sunny

5:15pm – HAIL, HAIL, HAIL!!!

    Me: What?! So random! Now I have to let Rosie out in the hail! Urg!!

5:30pm – Sunny and blue skies

…And it has continued to be sunny and beautiful for the rest of the day. They say if you don’t like the weather in Edinburgh, just wait a few minutes. So there you go! Prime example of that saying!

In conclusion, I never had to buy a SAD light and have been getting more sun here than I did in Wisconsin. I barely notice the cloudy days amongst the incredible architecture and only have to use my umbrella a few times a month. Life is good!

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